City of Belgrade awards contract for first metro project to DB E&C

May 9, 2023 – 11:29 am

DB Engineering & Consulting, part of DB E.C.O. Group, has been awarded a multimillion-euro contract for the first underground metro project in the western Balkans by the public utility company JKP Belgrade Metro and Train.

Mtero Belgrade: ceremony for the contract signing


DB E.C.O. Group

DB E.C.O. Group
Torgauer Strasse 12-15
10829 Berlin

DB Engineering & Consulting (DB E&C) will be the lead partner in an international joint venture cooperating on the implementation of the largest and most significant transportation project in the Serbian capital. The project will transform mobility and sustainability in Belgrade, and DB E&C will lead the project in a joint venture with Systra.

The Belgrade Metro project will include the design and construction of Line 1, which will connect the southwestern and southeastern parts of the city from Železnik station to Mirijevo station. The line will be 21.2 km long and include 21 stations; the main depot will be in Makiš. The aim of the project is to relieve traffic congestion and provide Belgrade with an integrated public transportation system.

“We look forward to pioneering a safe and efficient metro system in the region and contributing to an integrated public transportation system in Serbia’s largest city,” said Niko Warbanoff, CEO of DB E.C.O. Group.

The nine-year contract will be carried out in two phases, and the start of operations is planned for 2030. DB E&C has a long history of infrastructure and mobility projects in the region, including supervising the first high-speed rail line.

Joint venture to support Metro Belgrade

DB E&C, with its partner Systra, will take on the Project Management Consultant (PMC) role for the design and construction of Line 1 and the Makiš depot. The team will support the city of Belgrade and all other stakeholders by providing technical oversight of the design process for the construction permit, project management, construction management, and expert supervision.

Metro Belgrade: contract signing
The contract was signed on May 8, 2023 in Belgrade.

The international team of experts with vast experience in constructing metro systems will be essential for the proper implementation of such a large-scale project. The joint venture aims to establish itself as a reliable railway infrastructure partner for stakeholders in the western Balkans. “This particular long-term project is an opportunity to fortify the position of DB E.C.O Group, grow our local team, and expand their expertise in cooperation with international experts,” said Warbanoff.

Belgrade Metro project to put global climate targets within reach

The Belgrade Metro project will make a significant contribution to cuts in carbon emissions, putting global climate targets within reach. The fit-for-purpose and efficient metro system will provide a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution to meet the city’s transportation needs. The project will also generate new employment opportunities in the construction, operation, and maintenance of new metro lines. By connecting urban hubs, production and residential areas, and recreational and tourist destinations, the Belgrade Metro project will result in a more livable city overall.

Because of the project’s importance, preconstruction activities are already beginning in 2023. When it begins operation in 2030, the project will transform mobility and sustainability in Belgrade and establish a solid foundation for the development of the other two metro lines.

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