Preparing and perfoming flights

Professional data collection – from flight planning through to quality control

Generating high-quality data begins with demand-driven flight planning that takes into account project-specific requirements and terrain characteristics. The integration of real-time kinematics (RTK) and inertial measurement units (IMUs) into our UAS enables consistent levels of high precision in determining locations, thereby ensuring that our systems generate raw data of exceptionally high quality.


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Thanks to our pilots’ many years of experience, we are able to carry out flights safely, professionally and in accordance with regulations even in the most demanding projects. We will take care of all the necessary steps for you (subject to specific conditions for projects outside Germany):  

  • Professional flying – by trained pilots only
  • Handling approval and risk processes
  • Obtaining individual flight permissions
  • Obtaining all necessary consents and permission to enter properties
  • Flight preparation 
  • Performing flights, data collection
  • Legally required flight documentation 
  • GDPR-compliant data preparation through the use of AI


Please note: The EU Drone Regulation is gradually harmonizing national laws regarding civil and unmanned aviation in EU member states and other countries. Although we have experience in approval processes in other European countries, we are not able to offer our services in flight preparation and performance unconditionally in locations outside Germany as the legal situation is developing at a rapid pace. Contact us for an assessment of the feasibility of our UAS flights outside Germany!

EU Drone Regulation

The operation of UAS has been regulated throughout Europe since January 1, 2021 by the EU Drone Regulation, which places high demands on all pilots. Each pilot must register as such, provide proof of competency for most UAS and obtain permission from the landowner – often also national aviation authorities and police forces – before any flight over private land. 

Civil Aviation Ordinance

Flights over railroad installations and tracks are generally prohibited by law in Germany (Section 21b German Civil Aviation Ordinance (Luftverkehrs-Ordnung, LuftVO)). Due to the high safety risk, flying over railroad installations or approaching them closer than 100 meters is prohibited by law unless an exemption is granted. Thanks to direct contact with German authorities and close dovetailing within the DB Group, this can be achieved particularly efficiently by DB Engineering & Consulting, part of DB E.C.O. Group.

Privacy statements

Here you can read the privacy statement on the use of data obtained from optoelectronic systems at DB Engineering & Consutling, part of DB E.C.O. Group (multicopters, Video2BIM).

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    X2BIM data platform

    Drones2BIM data platform

    Prior to upload and processing, the quality of the data sets is checked by an automated process and they are prepared in accordance with data protection requirements using AI before being made available on the X2BIM data platform.

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