inno2grid: certifying future-proof real estate projects for sustainable mobility

September 26, 2023 – 11:14 am

The mission of inno2grid is to design sustainable neighborhoods by seamlessly integrating the fields of mobility and energy transition. While energy supply has long been a central criterion for sustainability certifications of real estate projects, mobility has often been a neglected aspect in the overall assessment of the future viability of neighborhoods.

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This is concerning because mobility infrastructure plays a significant role in the ecological footprint. However, it has proven to be extremely challenging to establish binding criteria for evaluating this sector. Furthermore, the planned mobility structures of a new neighborhood must always be considered in the context of the surrounding city’s transportation infrastructure. Despite these challenges, it is possible to objectively assess this sector, and this is precisely where the Good Mobility Council comes into play.

inno2grid becomes an official Good Mobility Fellow and certifies sustainable mobility

The Good Mobility Council has developed the Good Mobility Standard, its own certification for assessing sustainable mobility concepts. This standard categorizes and evaluates projects based on concrete mobility goals. It serves as a kind of Green Building certification for the transportation transition, thus bridging the gap between energy supply and mobility.

As a Good Mobility Fellow, inno2grid optimizes its projects, both existing buildings and new constructions, based on the Good Mobility Standard. This supports the Good Mobility Council in integrating the transportation transition into future-proof neighborhoods. This approach offers numerous benefits, especially for investors and municipalities. A reliable assessment based on clear criteria enables shortened planning cycles, improved refinancing options, and overall higher economic efficiency.

Transportation transition: An essential component of sustainable development

The transportation transition is an essential part of sustainability. By valorizing and transparently assessing mobility concepts through the Good Mobility Standard, the acceptance of innovative solutions improves both in the market and among municipalities. This is a crucial step towards a sustainable transportation transition.

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