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January 18, 2024 – 10:38 am

One of the cornerstones of DB E.C.O. Group’s success is our team. It is through our dedicated and experienced employees that we are able to make a lasting impact on global mobility. Our people’s commitment has earned us international recognition, unlocking opportunities year after year.

Luis Felipe Urrego on a balcony
Luis Felipe Urrego, DB Engineering & Consulting


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Empowering our employees is at the core of our International Success Strategy. We believe in providing our team members with the chance to grow their careers and achieve their professional goals within the DB E.C.O. Group. To open this opportunity in all our branches, our Human Resources team continues to provide the necessary tools. This includes expanding the training portfolio, continuously developing the onboarding process, and implementing new talent development programs. Today, we are happy to share two inspiring stories of our colleagues from Colombia, who have achieved significant milestones in their professional journeys.

Luis Felipe Urrego, who joined DB Engineering & Consulting, a subsidiary of DB E.C.O. Group, in December 2021 as a junior proposal and project manager, has now become an integral part of the railway competence consultants’ team at the DB Rail Academy in Germany.

Juan David Casas, one of the youngest and first employees of the Colombian branch, moved to Germany to pursue his goal of postgraduate studies, while continuing to dedicate half of his time as a working student for the planning and scheduling consulting portfolio from our Munich office.

Juan David Casas on a balcony
Juan David Casas, DB Engineering & Consulting

Carsten Puls, Director of our Latin America (LATAM) branch says: “As part of our DNA in LATAM we focus on the growth of our staff, which will in return bring growth to the region and contribute to the whole DB E.C.O. Group. I am very proud of the development of Juan David and Felipe and wish them all the best.”

Five Key Factors for Success

We spoke with Luis Felipe and Juan David about what factors have shaped their success and what advice they would give to other colleagues based on their own experiences. The two of them identified five factors which have most influenced their professional careers so far:

  1. Clear career development goals
  2. Securing professional support from management
  3. Work on international project
  4. Speak two or more languages fluently
  5. Consistently work on acquiring new knowledge and soft skills

Read more about Luis’ and Felipe’s experiences in a short Q&A below.

1. What motivated you to go to Germany?

Luis Felipe Urrego: I believe that international experiences are key to personal and professional development. The exposure to different perspectives, life- and workstyles improve adaptability and intercultural communication skills. This has proven to be increasingly valuable in today’s globalized world. Additionally, going to the DB E.C.O. Group´s headquarter in Germany from where projects all over the world are supported is a great opportunity to learn more about the DB cosmos.

Juan David Casas: Ever since I was a child, I have been interested in Germany’s culture and the global recognition of its engineering expertise. I have always dreamed of studying or working in Germany, and this year the opportunity to do both became a reality.

DB Engineering & Consulting Headquarters at EUREF Campus, Berlin

2. What factors were vital to achieving this next step in your professional career?

Luis Felipe Urrego: Thanks to the DB structure, I had the opportunity to work hand in hand with colleagues in the Business Units at the headquarter and to develop projects together across LATAM. Through this teamwork I got in touch with a lot of processes and could deepen my knowledge about our services. The support of the team and the different department heads has been a key factor in making it possible to join the team of the headquarter in Germany.

Juan David Casas: I have been lucky enough to have had managers and colleagues who enabled and encouraged me to take on new responsibilities and who supported me throughout my career. This was crucial to my success as it allowed me the necessary project exposure and therefore a resumé profile with which was accepted at Technical University of Munich.

I am thankful for the opportunity to move from to Germany and am now pursuing a Master’s degree in Transportation Systems to further develop my career path and gain an even better understanding of the tech surrounding our infrastructure projects. I am happy to improve my skills and want to achieve the best results in my daily work for our customers. It is amazing that DB E.C.O. Group is supporting me in this.

If this story has inspired you to explore your opportunities at our organization, find out more about vacant positions at DB E.C.O. Group here.

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