Women’s Month Activities at DB E.C.O. Group.

March 31, 2024 – 3:24 pm

As Women’s Month comes to an end, we want to take the opportunity and highlight the different aspects of how we at DB E.C.O. Group support and empower our female colleagues.

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DB E.C.O. Group

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First in-person SHE.C.O. event on March 20, 2024

SHE.C.O. is our internal women’s network within DB E.C.O. Group aimed at connecting women from all hierarchical levels. One of its key features is creating a safe space for women, both with and without leadership experience, to exchange ideas, offer mutual support and learn from each other. The network is driven by its participants’ engagement where members actively shape the platform, such as the latest network meeting.

The first in-person SHE.C.O.nnect event was a resounding success, bringing together around 100 women from all across the DB E.C.O. Group, including its subsidiaries DB Engineering & Consulting, DB International Operations, ESE and Infraview. The attendees, representing various qualifications and regions, came together to discuss the topic of “Women in Leadership”. It was an inspiring day filled with opportunities to share personal experiences and gain new impulses for professional development.,

The event featured several highlights, including an engaging panel discussion with Andrea Bertallot and Ulla Kopp, members of the DB E.C.O. Group’s executive board. In addition, the thought-provoking presentation “Yes, SHE can! How Women Can Increase Their Impact” by Simone von Stosch-Ellenbürger was a standout moment. The participants also enjoyed the interactive workshop on creating vision boards, which provided a motivating exercise to envision their career aspirations. Conducting a virtual talk, our Managing Director of Human Resources Jeroen Hansmann discussed the importance of equal opportunities for women in leadership positions, the situation in the railway industry and how DB E.C.O. Group is striving to successfully reach a quota of 30% of women in leadership roles by 2024. Their strategic vision and leadership drive innovation as well as efficiency and add diversity of perspective to our companies.

Overall, the first SHE.C.O.nnect meeting proved to be a valuable platform for the women of the DB E.C.O. Group to connect, learn, and empower one another.

Experiences by female colleagues from different regions

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