DB Engineering & Consulting launches project in Kazakhstan

March 18, 2024 – 10:35 am

Last week, our subsidiary DB Engineering & Consulting took an important step by sending a delegation to the Republic of Kazakhstan. This visit was part of our ongoing efforts to enhance public transport, economic connectivity, and production efficiency in the Kazakhstani railway sector through our collaboration with “NC “Kazakhstan Temir Zholy” JSC (KTZ).

Delegation in Kasakhstan

DB E.C.O. Group

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The project, which will unfold over the next three years, is focused on transferring knowledge and expertise from German railway sector specialists and executives from the “Passenger Transportation” JSC. Their collective efforts will be directed towards improving operations and maintenance of rolling stock, enhancing service standards, streamlining the ticket sales processes, and introducing multimodal transportation solutions. Additionally, our project aims to implement significant changes in corporate structure and management practices.

Growing relevance of Kazakhstan’s infrastructure sector

In the 2023 Logistics Performance Index (LPI) released by the World Bank, Kazakhstan secured the 79th position on average. This ranking positions it quite favorably in comparison to its Central Asian neighbors, yet it still highlights room for enhancement in the international logistics services landscape, both in terms of availability and quality.

The evolution of Kazakhstan’s transport and logistics sector is anticipated to play a pivotal role in propelling the country’s economic growth. A key element of this progression involves the transformation of KTZ into a comprehensive transport and logistics entity. DB Engineering & Consulting is set to collaborate intimately with KTZ to facilitate this transformative journey. DB E&C’s experts are poised to lend their profound knowledge and experience in infrastructure development and passenger transportation to ensure the success of this endeavor.

Partnership between German Railway Industry and KTZ

Stefan Geisperger, Managing Director International Markets and Consulting at DB Engineering & Consulting, led DB E&C’s delegation, which included Michael Ahlgrimm and Dr. Axel Sondermann among others. They were met by Anuar Akhmetzhanov, Ulf Wokurka, and Zhanibek Taizhanov who have extended a warm welcome from the Kazakhstani side.   

The consulting work provided for rail freight focuses on enhancing transportation connections between Kazakhstan and Central Europe through the Eurasian corridor and incorporating them into the European transportation network. This initiative aligns with the broader goal of bolstering trade and economic ties between Kazakhstan and the European Union. 

As the biggest country in Central Asia, Kazakhstan stands as an economic partner for Germany. The relationship between these two nations and the EU is marked by various agreements aimed at expanding trade cooperation and facilitating investment protection and promotion. This collaboration underscores DB E&C’s commitment to our strategic partnership with KTZ and reflects our mutual interest in exploring further opportunities, especially in logistics and corporate restructuring within the KTZ group.  

We appreciate the trust placed in us by our Kazakhstani partners and are dedicated to ensuring the success of this project.

Delegation in Kazakhstan
Project launch in Kazakhstan
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