DB E.C.O. Group and Egis win Pacific Rail Corridor project in Colombia

May 30, 2023 – 2:22 pm

On May 26, Consorcio PacĂ­fico ED, a joint venture of DB Engineering & Consulting, part of DB E.C.O. Group, and the French company Egis, signed a contract to develop pre-feasibility studies and designs for the Pacific Rail Corridor in Colombia. The project aims to reactivate the currently abandoned corridor, which was previously used for freight transport.

Pacific rail corridor in Colombia: contract signing in May 2023
Representatives of Egis, DB Engineering & Consulting, part of DB E.C.O. Group, and the joint venture Consorcio PacĂ­fico ED at the signing of the contract in May 2023.


DB E.C.O. Group

DB E.C.O. Group
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The Pacific Rail Corridor is projected as a mixed-traffic corridor that will be key to improving the efficiency and competitiveness of freight transport in Colombia while providing new mobility alternatives for people.

Colombia has a 3,500-kilometer rail network, but much of it is inactive. The Intermodal Master Plan aims to efficiently connect all regions with various modes of transport, including rail. The Railway Master Plan focuses solely on reactivating and consolidating rail operations, with the Pacific Rail Corridor being one of the three prioritized corridors identified in both plans.

Pacific rail corridor: route in Colombia

Connecting the port of Buenaventura with the central and Atlantic rail networks

The corridor will be approximately 850 km in length. It will connect the Pacific port of Buenaventura with the central rail corridor, which crosses the center of the country through seven departments and then connects with the Atlantic rail network in the north.

Currently, the port of Buenaventura is the starting point of the original corridor to La Felisa in the department of Caldas, 100 km south of MedellĂ­n. Buenaventura is a strategic location for domestic and international logistics. It is directly connected with 360 ports and indirectly with 920 around the world, and it accommodates more than 40% of Colombia’s foreign trade.

Consortium of two international companies

The combination of DB Engineering & Consulting and Egis, two leading global consulting, engineering, and operating companies with extensive experience in the railway infrastructure sector in Colombia and Latin America, makes this consortium an ideal team to deliver top-quality results for Colombia with this important project. 

During the project, which will last approximately 10 months, DB Engineering & Consulting will play a key role in the activities associated with planning, demand modeling, logistics, railway operations, design, and BIM.

The companies forming this consortium have a common goal: to contribute to the future of sustainable mobility in Colombia by taking an active part in projects like this, a game-changer for freight and passenger transport in the country.

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