Sustainable changes for a socially responsible future

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability are key values at DB E.C.O. Group which are deeply rooted in our corporate culture. We actively strive to bring about positive change in our society and environment. We see CSR as a conviction and a driving force for positive change that extends beyond our company.


Heike Elisabeth Witteler

Compliance Officer

DB E.C.O. Group
EUREF-Campus 14
10829 Berlin
E-Mail+49 30 297-69890

Karsten Freitag

Head of Procurement and Contract Management

DB E.C.O. Group
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Responsibility for the future: sustainability as a matter of course

We are developing mobility and transportation services for tomorrow’s world – innovative, sustainable, and global and consider this a key element and driving force behind DB’s “Strong Rail” strategy. Sustainability has been firmly anchored in the DB Group strategy with a holistic approach that encompasses ecological, social, and economic aspects of sustainability; we provide answers to the growing need for mobility and to the demand for sustainability in the global economy and society.

Our dedicated employees around the world make an essential contribution to strengthening rail as a mode of transport in Europe and worldwide. These efforts not only help to protect the climate but also benefit people and boost the economy. Joint action and global networking are essential if we want to leave future generations a planet worth living on. The international network of DB E.C.O. Group promotes knowledge transfer across national borders.

Sustainable supply chains for more corporate social responsibility

We at DB E.C.O. Group take our responsibility for people and the environment seriously, and we expect our suppliers and other business partners to do the same. For this reason, in addition to the internal DB Code of Conduct (Corporate Principles on Ethics), which defines standards and expectations for all business activities of our employees and managers, we have also drawn up the DB Code of Conduct for Business Partners. It requires our suppliers to comply with ethical and legal standards. In our view, this means making a significant contribution to sustainable action in the supply chain.

We want to provide services that consistently meet both our own and our clients´ requirements. To ensure that this is the case, the procurement management of DB E.C.O. Group evaluates suppliers before and during any contractual commitment. ESG standards have a growing influence on how we shape our supplier relationships and make specific procurement decisions. That is why, in addition to contractual and economic risks, we also examine human rights and environment-related risks. Jointly with our suppliers, we reduce risks, achieve a transparent supply chain, and increase our contribution to sustainable development along the supply chain.

The German Act on Corporate Due Diligence Obligations in Supply Chains

With the introduction of the German Act on Corporate Due Diligence Obligations in Supply Chains (LkSG), the legislature has created the framework for responsible and sustainable value creation along the entire supply chain. The required human rights and environmental protection, increase transparency in supply chains and ensure fair competition.

Companies above a certain size and with their administrative head office in Germany are under an obligation to exercise due regard for the human rights and environment-related due diligence obligations in their business area (the company itself and affiliated companies in Germany and abroad) and at their suppliers to prevent or minimize human rights and environment-related risks. We have established an appropriate risk management system to meet these requirements.

The Board of Managing Directors adopted a Policy Statement in December 2023, comprehensively expressing our commitment and dedication to respecting human rights and environment-related obligations.

Complaints procedure according to LkSG

To ensure compliance with the LkSG in our business area and the supply chain, we have established a complaints procedure.  Complaints about human rights and environment-related risks as well as violations of human rights or environment-related obligations can be submitted by post and online.

Further information on the LkSG, the rules of procedure for the complaints procedure, postal address and access to the BKMS electronic whistleblowing system can be found here:

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EcoVadis rating for sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR)

EcoVadis is an independent service provider and has been evaluating the performance of companies in the fields of sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) since 2007. The rating examines how well a company has integrated the principles of corporate social responsibility into its business.  The methodology is based on international sustainability standards, including the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the United Nations Global Compact and ISO 26000. Sustainability standards and ratings in the supply chain are becoming increasingly important for purchasing organizations.

More and more clients are requesting this information and making it a condition for awarding contracts. We actively encourage our suppliers to become certified by EcoVadis and thus promote more sustainable business practices in our projects.

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Compliance: business partners shaking hands

For successful collaboration

With every passing day, we are confronted with challenges to meet and important decisions to make. At DB E.C.O. Group, it is second nature for us to comply with relevant laws and regulations as we go about our business, and this attitude is a basic requirement for our long-term success.

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